A Teambuilding Activity


Each player is endowed with unique and important skills needed to complete the adventure – by collaborating to unravel mysteries they feel valued for their own contribution to the team.


Despite a player’s proclivity towards certain tasks, an unlucky roll of the dice can cause them to fail and have to adapt to unforeseen circumstances leading to new challenges.

Growth Mindset

Success and failure drive the adventure in different directions, both of which provide valuable information to the team, thereby encouraging the players to take risks and embrace mistakes.


Thinking outside the box is rewarded as the adventure changes based on the players’ ideas, hence motivating them to take a leadership role and speak out when inspiration strikes them.


Dr. Michael Kiewe, founder of Quest4Adults, believes the best way to learn is when you’re having fun.

After earning a Physics Ph.D. and multiple teaching awards, he realized the importance of stories for the learning process.

His diverse experience in improvisational theater, role playing and teaching helped him create Quest4Adults – a story based interactive adventure that is designed to strengthen teams!  

How It Works

Participants play the main characters in a story narrated by a professional game leader who plays all the other supporting characters. The participants’ choices drive the story in different directions as their characters collaborate, adapt, persevere and creatively problem solve to overcome challenges and unravel mysteries. We use a highly simplified version of Dungeons & Dragons for our game system – watch the video below for more detail but keep in mind that our game system is MUCH simpler so it will only take you 5 minutes to learn how to play!


Most frequent questions and answers

Our activity is highly accessible. We use a thrilling high pace of play and focus on narrative. Everybody likes a good story, especially when their own creativity determines how it develops! If you like mysteries, funny situations and feeling like a real team, then you’ll like Quest4Adults.

It’s true that traditional tabletop roleplaying can get stuck in the details. Like calculating the exact amount of time it would take to fill out the correct tax documents in order to charter a ship. We do NOT do that or anything like that!

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