Around 95% of the kids who try our activity want to participate again. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the reviews below.

Emma’s parents at British International School of Stockholm: “The best thing we have ever done is sign our daughter up for Quest4Kids! She learns to collaborate with kids outside her friends circle. She also develops her creative problem solving abilities while doing something she loves! For gaining useful life skills, we sincerely recommend Quest4Kids.”

Jason’s parents at British International School of Stockholm: “Through Quest, Jason gets to socialize with kids outside his class. They get to know each other’s personality in a fun setting. The analytical system of the game attracted this 10 year old boy so much. A few weeks ago Jason started to tell us that Tuesday is his favorite day of the week just because of Quest!”

Daniela’s parents at British International School of Stockholm: “Quest is Daniela’s favorite activity! Our 7 year old eagerly looks forward to it during the week and is walking on air for hours after it’s over. In addition to the joy of the game, she also feels she developed her imagination, team work and curiosity.”

Kyle’s parents at British International School of Stockholm: “Our 10 year old son Kyle LOVES Quest! The problem solving and interesting social dynamics in the club engage him the most. Recently, Kyle took what he learned in the club and asked us to play Quest while we were walking in the woods… then we all transformed into fantasy characters going on incredible adventures!”

Emile’s parents at British International School of Stockholm: “Our 7 year old son, Emile, loves Quest! He looks forward to the sessions every week and can’t wait to tell us all the twists and turns in the adventures he has. He says the Game Master, Michael, is really funny and brings the story to life. Going to Quest is not only encouraging Emile to use his imagination. It has boosted his confidence in social interactions and is helping him develop his problem solving skills.” 

Felicia’s parents at Engelska Skolan Norr: “Felicia has really enjoyed Quest this term and wishes to continue next year. She likes the problem solving and team work best and she appreciates how close they have become as a group and how they complement and support each other in the role play. We as parents are very happy about her improved English conversational skills and hearing of all the amazing adventures she has been a part of.”

Head of fritids at Kista International School: “Quest is fun and educational. Students have the freedom to choose their roles while working together to come up with creative solutions. Our students have also improved their English vocabulary.”

Julian’s parents at Futuraskolan International: “Julian has thoroughly enjoyed Quest and is looking forward to each session. Home at night he is exhilarated about the game and communicates his excitement, often too fast for a normal parent to follow. What he likes the most is the fun of designing his own character and making his own decisions about opportunities in the game. He likes that there are different levels and moves depending on the character he is. He loves acting out fantasy and he believes that it trains his mind. He is already looking forward to joining again next year.”

Saga’s parents at Engelska Skolan Norr: “Our daughter has really enjoyed Quest and personally we’re thrilled that it gave her the opportunity to develop her creativity and problem solving skills. We would highly recommend Quest to any parent who wants to prepare their child for a successful & happy life.”

Head of fritids at Vallentuna International Montessori School: “The roleplaying sessions were very interesting and had really good energy. It had an amazing effect on the children. They developed their imagination, problem solving ability, teamwork and patience.”

Oliver’s Parents at Engelska Skolan Norr: “Quest has been a superb experience for our son, teaching him the importance of strategic thinking without him feeling that he is being “taught”. He has talked so much about the sessions and what has happened each week, telling us all the exciting storylines that he and his friends have played.”

Joie’s parents at Futuraskolan International: “Quest is an extraordinary activity. It lets kids’ imagination run wild. Our daughter Joie loved Quest and thought the Game Master was wonderful and funny.”

Arish’s parents at Engelska Skolan Norr: “Our son is very happy to have Quest at his school and he always shares his feeling with us after each session. We believe that Quest is helping him improve his concentration and develop his imagination.”

Adriana and Raphael’s parents at Engelska Skolan Norr: The best!!! My kids have improved their skills (both soft and hard) since Michael’s guidance in the roleplay!