Quest4Kids @ HCMC

Quest4Kids is a Swedish company that helps children develop two important skills:

Interpersonal skills that help kids communicate confidently

Analytical skills tailored to a rapidly changing world

Together we aim to develop the leaders of tomorrow


Dr. Michael Kiewe, founder of Quest4Kids, believes the best way to learn is when you are having fun.

After earning a Physics Ph.D. and multiple teaching awards, he realized the importance of stories for the learning process.

His diverse experience in improvisational theater, child care, role playing and teaching helped him create Quest4Kids – a story based interactive adventure that helps kids develop while having the best time EVER!  


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How Quest4Kids Works

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Child Development

Studies have shown roleplaying games to induce improvements in life skills such as problem solving, organization, responsibility, leadership, creativity, teamwork, social and emotional competencies as well as academic engagement and motivation. 

Bowman & Standiford, 2015; Dyson et al. 2016; Heinz & Prager, 2019; Ruff 2021

Social Skills

Emotional Skills

Analytical skills