Creating friendships & encouraging teamwork: This is a face to face game in which the kids must rely on each other and work together as a team. Kids from very different social groups can work together and bond while playing the game. These friendships can carry over to their real lives.

Using agency to develop social skills: The kids play characters that are more powerful than they are. They can have different specialities like strength, wisdom, charm and feel empowered to take risks they wouldn’t normally take. They can stand up to bullies, learn how to talk to someone who is hurt, negotiate with an authority figure, all while playing a character in the game. They also deal with the consequences of their choices.

Developing empathy: Most of our adventures revolve around the goal of helping each other or helping other characters in the game.

Developing imagination & problem solving: Our adventures contain challenges that encourage creative out of the box thinking. Video games require solutions that work within the limited imagination of the programmer. In contrast, our adventures are only limited by the imagination of the players.

Improving English speaking & math skills: The stories as well as the game sheets used are all in English. When rolling dice and using game sheets we often add and subtract numbers. The different types of dice used help build intuitive notions of probability.

Developing grit and conscientiousness: Grit is defined as maintaining passion for long term goals. Conscientiousness is defined as taking obligations to others seriously. These traits are correlated with school & life success. Our adventures contain long term goals that are gradually broken down to smaller achievements. The players are motivated to take on these long term goals by emotionally connecting with characters who need their help.