We work with parents & schools in Stockholm to offer a roleplaying activity for children ages 7 and up.

In the real world, kids need to figure out how to deal with different people and situations. Our skilled leaders create fun imaginary adventures that simulate these challenges. They help kids feel empowered to venture into the unknown and test their abilities. Thus, the kids practice soft & hard skills correlated with success and happiness.

Mission Statement

Kids are not reaching their full social, emotional and analytical potential. This can be due to excessive screen time, a lack of motivation to learn or the absence of creative problem solving education. We aim to change this with our 3-step approach:

  1. Create adventures with plot lines containing social and emotional dilemmas.
  2. Introduce challenges that emphasize schoolwork and encourage out of the box thinking.
  3. Reward achievements by gradually empowering the kids’ characters, thereby instilling a long-term view of development.

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