We help kids level up their life skills in a fun way

We work with parents and schools to offer a role playing activity for children ages 7 - 15.

Child Development

Studies have shown roleplaying games to induce improvements in life skills such as problem solving, organization, responsibility, leadership, creativity, teamwork, social and emotional competencies as well as academic engagement and motivation. 

Bowman & Standiford, 2015; Dyson et al. 2016; Heinz & Prager, 2019; Ruff 2021

Social Skills

Emotional Skills

Analytical skills


Dr. Michael Kiewe, founder of Quest4Kids, believes the best way to learn is when you’re having fun.

After earning a Physics Ph.D. and multiple teaching awards, he realized the importance of stories for the learning process.

His diverse experience in improvisational theater, child care, role playing and teaching helped him create Quest4Kids – a story based interactive adventure that helps kids develop while having the best time EVER!  


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Most frequent questions and answers

Six players per session.

No. Your child only needs their curious mind and your school only needs a room with 6 chairs and a table. We take care of the rest 🙂

We suggest you watch our explainer video and filmed sessions for a comprehensive explanation:

The basic idea is that the Game Leader creates a story in which the characters are played by the kids. The kids get to make their own decisions, drive the story in different directions and overcome challenges that develop their social, emotional and analytical skills along the way.

Yes. We offer family sessions for a mix of adult and child players. And we offer team building sessions for adults only @

Prices differ based on the number of sessions a customer purchases at one time as well as the specific fees imposed by schools and PTAs. Message us for more details.

Quest4Kids has a satisfaction rate of over 95%. Moreover, we often offer free trial sessions at schools for new players. Therefore we do not offer refunds on purchases of multiple sessions.

With our existing customers, their school or PTA send them the sign up link.

If you would like to have us come to your child’s school, please send us a message with the contact info of your school’s PTA or activity coordinator.

For family sessions, you can send us a message (see contact page below) with your address and we will get back to you as soon as we can with a quote.

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